“Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis,” is a Latin adage that means, “times change, and we change with them.”  My thesis work, Tempora Mutantur, derives its title from this proverb, and presents a mutable view of both time and perspective. This singular work of art is composed in five photographic scrolls that hang from the top of the gallery wall and extend onto the floor.  Each scroll is one continuous, uninterrupted image, photographed over the course of a solitary and reflective stroll outdoors.  The work is captured with a vintage Brownie Hawkeye camera and printed digitally on Hahnemühle rice paper.  Overlapping the images allows for a passage of time to be recorded, as opposed to a singular, frozen moment.  Visually representing events in a multivalent way imitates the way we experience memory, moment, and the world around us, and allows the viewer to be immersed in an experiential form of looking that invites contemplation.